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In 2013, a group of Maritime friends and family - all committed to helping people feel better - came together and decided to start a new company that would deliver natural cannabis products to Nova Scotians and people across Canada. Breathing Green Solutions was born.

Nestled in the clean, cool forests of Nova Scotia's Cobequid Mountains, Breathing Green Solutions is the province's first licensed producer of cannabis products for your well-being. Powered by our proprietary PurePlantTM growing method, Breathing Green is committed to delivering the most pristine, reliable and trustworthy cannabis products to our patients and customers everywhere.

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To deliver on our promise to help people feel better, Breathing Green Solutions is committed to delivering best-in-class cannabis products that effectively address the very specific needs of our patients and customers. With the help of our Netherlands and British Columbia-trained master grower, Breathing Green Solutions has developed a unique, proprietary growing and production methodology called PurePlantTM. The PurePlantTM Method comprises of three components: (1) a ruthlessly discriminating seed selection process that enables us to begin from a position of strength and quality, (2) highly unique growing innovations, involving daily interaction with each and every plant, developed and perfected over 20 years of exclusively growing medical marijuana, and (3) a customized and responsive nutrition program that fully optimizes the specific medicinal benefits of each strain, each plant, each bud, and each final product. The result of Breathing Green's PurePlantTM Method is the purest, most reliable and trustworthy cannabis products available anywhere.