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The best products, from our shore to your door.

At Breathing Green, we strive for quality. We are confident that you will find our strains deliver the increased well-being you are looking for in your life.

From lowering stress and anxiety, to reducing pain and helping people feel more relaxed, Breathing Green Solutions crafts high quality marijuana products in the form that best meets the individual needs of our customers.


  • Nor’Easter

    In honour of the powerful storms that Atlantic Canada is famous for, we decided to call this Sativa and THC-dominant hybrid strain the Nor’Easter. You’ll experience a warming sensation that spreads evenly throughout your mind and body, leaving you completely relaxed, making Nor’Easter ideal for alleviating stress, anxiety and migraines. It is also effective for boosting appetite. With primary terpenes of Pinene, Caryophyllene and Limonene, you’ll enjoy aromas of pine needles, spice and citrus.

    • THC Content: 23%
    • CBD Content: <1%

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  • Lemon Dory

    The classic yellow Nova Scotia dory isn’t so much a working boat these days, but it is still very much enjoyed for leisure. With the chill-out effect delivered by this Sativa-dominant hybrid with medium THC content, Lemon Dory is the perfect name. Expect to bob along on a wave of physical relaxation, making it an ideal choice for relief from pain, stress and depression. Enjoy citrus and woody aromas due to the Pinene and Caryophyllene terpenes.

    • THC Content: 14.26%
    • CBD Content: <1%

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  • Shelter

    Shelters provide us with a feeling of tranquility, just like this milder Indica-dominant hybrid strain. With a nearly balanced THC-to-CBD ratio, your body and mind will enjoy the overall effects almost equally, although not as intensely as other strains. Due to the increased CBD content, Shelter can help with an array of symptoms including pain, anxiety and inflammation and is mellow enough to convey enjoyable feelings of relaxation.

    • THC Content: 6%
    • CBD Content: 8%

    Coming soon…

  • Mirage

    The highest tides occur here, in the Bay of Fundy. At low tide, boats sitting on the ocean floor seem like a mirage, making it the perfect name for this THC and Indica-dominant hybrid. Expect a blissful euphoria that will have both mind and body riding a wave of relaxation for hours. Because it leans so heavily on the Indica side, this strain can also impart sleepiness which makes it ideal for evening use and can help with insomnia. It is also effective as an appetite stimulant and can help with depression.

    • THC Content: 20-25%
    • CBD Content: <1%

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