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    We know you may have some questions about us or cannabis use in general. Here are the answers to some of the most common queries. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us directly.

    I’m new to Cannabis, where do I start?

    Cannabis affects everyone differently, and varying amounts, strains and forms can cause different lengths and levels of impairment. Begin with low THC percentages and slowly learn how you react. Keeping a cannabis journal is a helpful way to understand your body’s unique response to cannabis.

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    Do you sell Medical Cannabis?

    Breathing Green Solutions holds licenses for cannabis cultivation, medical sales, and processing. Currently, our products are only available in the adult recreational market. Please check with your local provincially licensed retailers to see if they carry our SKOSHA products.

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    How does regulated cannabis differ from unregulated cannabis?

    Obtaining cannabis from illegal sources may involve serious health and safety risks.

    There are also potential additional health risks, including:

    • Unknown THC potency (concentration or strength) – you could end up using a stronger product than expected
    • No safeguards for product quality and purity

    Unlike cannabis for medical purposes obtained from legal sources, which follow strict requirements, cannabis from illegal sources may be mixed with or contain:

    • pesticides
    • heavy metals
    • moulds or fungi
    • other contaminants

    Are you licensed?

    Breathing Green Solutions is proud to be a federally licensed producer of medical cannabis. You can confirm our license status on Health Canada’s list of Authorized Licensed Producers of Cannabis for Medical Purposes.